Definitely yes! A healthy brain can support mindfulness by enhancing your ability to stay attentive, regulate emotions and maintain clarity of thought which are all important for cultivating mindfulness. However, mindfulness can also be a helpful tool for promoting mental well-being and potentially improving brain health over time through practices like meditation and stress reduction.

The main goal of the Italian OrganKits team was to analyse the deep relationship between Neurohealth and Mindfulness.

The Educational guide developed by the Italian teachers taking part to the project, includes Science lessons which will be focused  on the analysis and recognition of the various components of the brain and its functioning, exploring the central nervous system. This ideal journey goes on by finding out how to measure metabolic changes related to neural activity by means of Magnetic resonance (fMRI):students will learn the basic procedures for reading images (Technology lessons); moreover algorithms and artificial intelligence will lead students to understand the essentials of programming languages and to know the elements that make up a neural network (Engineering lessons).

The brain is also one of the best examples of electrical circuits therefore students will learn about brain electricity by performing tests and measurement in a laboratory( Maths and Physics lessons)

Research shows that mindfulness practices, such as meditation and deep breathing, have a profound impact on the brain. During Physical education lessons students will be aware of the benefits induced by motor activity; they will learn how to acquire a healthy and active lifestyle and to achieve a balanced psycho-physical well-being.

Last but not least, Art lessons will be focused on the possibilities inherent in the use of images for the enhancement of functions connected to memory. Mondrian’s theory of pure visibility will give students the opportunity to catch the relationship between shapes, colours and auditory sensations.

The presence of plastinated organs will increase the impact on students as well on teachers in terms of motivation and cultural curiosity. Let’s embark on this journey together!

IS Duca Abruzzi – L. Grassi
OrganKits Partner

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