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University of Múrcia (ES)

The University of Murcia, founded in its current form in 1915 but with origins dating back to the thirteenth century, is a comprehensive university with over 32,000 students spread across 21 faculties and is internationally renowned for its disability services and social inclusion. The University of Murcia is open to the world and international students and has over 500 cooperation agreements with universities on six continents. Rated highly in Veterinary Science (32nd worldwide ARWU, 2021) and Agriculture, Food Science and Technology (top 200 worldwide ARWU, 2021), the University of Murcia is deeply committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world in four individual SDGs (THE university impact rankings 2022).

Özel Kuşadası Bahçeşehir Koleji (TR)
Özel Kuşadası Bahçeşehir Koleji is part of the Bahçeşehir College group. It is one of the 143 campuses across Turkey. The Bahçeşehir College group was founded with the mission to provide the highest and most contemporary education, while always keeping the principle of equality of opportunity. All schools operating within the institutional structure of the Bahçeşehir College, follow the same standards: ranging from the physical environment of the school to the curriculum and system of instruction. Bahçeşehir Colleges became the first foreign school to be awarded the prestigious “Blue Ribbon Award for Educational Excellence” by the Schools of Excellence Association.

Mentortec (PT)
Business accelerator focused on promoting sustainable growth and business opportunities of start-ups & enterprises and a certified training provider in the fields of education & training, entrepreneurship & business support. As business accelerator, Mentortec provide a set of services fostering the support of (new or wannabe) entrepreneurs, mentors, consultants, SMEs and business owners in the identification of opportunities for innovation, sustainable growth and business cooperation relationships at National and International levels.

Platon Schools (EL)
The main purpose of Platon Schools is the holistic approach to the issue of education. That is why students are trained to face life as complete personalities. The purpose is not only to prepare tomorrow’s scientists, but to shape souls and infuse young people with the human values and goods of civilization. Platon Schools combine tradition with innovation and through dynamic pioneering European programs aim at shaping citizens with a national conscience and at the same time with European culture, in order to meet the requirements of the modern era. The school provides a comprehensive educational program with modern teaching methods, thanks to which each student acquires a wide range of knowledge, while developing his particular inclinations and skills.

IES Miguel de Cervantes (ES)
IES Miguel de Cervantes (Institute of Secondary Education) is located at 3 Miguel de Cervantes Avenue in Murcia, in the northeast of the city. Miguel de Cervantes High School began its activity in September 1954 as a Work School. Since then, it has been a reference center for vocational training in Murcia until 1996, when it became a Secondary School, incorporating the teaching of Secondary Education and Bachelor. In September 2021, IES Miguel de Cervantes was split up in two different centres:   the Integrated Vocational Training Centre and Miguel de Cervantes High School. IES Miguel de Cervantes offers ESO (Secondary Education), Bachelor and Basic Vocational Training.

IS Duca Abruzzi – Libero Grassi (IT)
IS Duca Abruzzi – Libero Grassi is a high secondary school in the central part of Palermo. It is situated in a calm quarter and it is well served by public transport. The students are between 14 and 19 years old and the total number is about 650. The teachers are about 100. The students can choose among four different courses of study: Economic, Tourism, Surveying, and Scientific, the first three are vocational courses aiming at giving students a good preparation to enter the job market; the last one prepares students to enrol in scientific University courses.

Discover-In (ES)
DISCOVER-IN is a technology-based company (Spin-off) born after 30 years of experience in the University of Murcia (Spain), and is an international leader in the investigation and application of plastination techniques.
In our plastination laboratories, anatomical materials are produced with the highest standards of manufacture (ISO9001-2015) and are ready to be used with innovative teaching tools. Our plastinated products are currently used in Universities, Museums, Veterinary Hospitals and Secondary Schools in worldwide countries.