Is there a correlation between musculoskeletal length and athletic performance?

It goes without saying that sport is crucial for a healthy life, but there are plenty of different factors that can affect our sports performance.

The Educational Guide developed by the Organkits team of IES Miguel de Cervantes covers a broad area of different specialities in science.

Starting with a basic study of the organs included in the musculoskeletal system in Science, students will build the pillars of their anatomy knowledge.

In T&E, we will focus on the study of linear transmission and types of levers, related to the human body.

During PE sessions, data will be collected regarding anatomical structures measurement and sports performance, meanwhile, in Maths, students will use the data recorded in PE to study the correlation between organ length and sports performance.

A deep research about the physical changes during the evolution of Homo sapiens will be the main topic in History.

Finally, English sessions will be the field to communicate the acquired knowledge of the whole project with the support of digital tools.

Certainly a very exciting project in which both students and teachers will grow and learn. 

IES Miguel de Cervantes
OrganKits Partner

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