The main topic of the educational guide created by our school deals with the topic of Neumohealth and The Environment. The Steam and Project based approach was used to design this educational guide.

We created activities under the Science unit that focused on the lungs’ structure, including breathing experiments, measurement of the lung’s capacity, and a comparison of healthy and unhealthy lungs.

Under the Technology wing, we designed activities using technological equipment such as the endoscope, stethoscope and the pulse oximeter.

Under the Engineering section, the lungs will be observed as our body’s natural filters.

Among the artistic side of the educational guide, the respiratory system will be illustrated as fractals in nature, songs and poems will be written, wind instruments will also be used.

The NeumoHealth Organ Kit will enable us to assess the surface of the lungs from a mathematical perspective, while also inspiring us to construct fractals in geometry.

Overall, this educational guide endeavors to provide secondary teachers with a well-rounded and engaging approach to teaching students about Neumohealth and its relationship with the environment. It integrates various disciplines, making learning not only informative but also enjoyable for students.

Kusadasi Bahcesehir Koleji
OrganKits Partner

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