Meet OrganKits project

OrganKits a new material for STEAM education based on plastination aims to create a new educational material (OrganKits) for STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education in Secondary Schools, thus promoting STEAM learning using OrganKits and innovative methods in Secondary education. The project’s specific objectives include: 1) to design OrganKits according to key educational topics for Secondary Schools (years 14-16th); 2) to promote the development of Key Competences through the STEAM pedagogical model; 3) to integrate selected targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the OrganKits; 4) to validate OrganKits at the international level through implementation (testing and evaluation) in real teaching scenarios; and 5) to ensure dissemination of OrganKits at local, regional and national levels.

The main target-groups of OrganKits project comprise secondary teachers, secondary students, secondary-schools, museums, sports clubs and other relevant stakeholders. The project will design, produce and test 6 kits comprised of Educational Guides and Plastinated Organs: Cardiohealth and Emotions, Neumohealth and Environment, Nutrihealth and Wellness, Neurohealth and Mindfulness, Sportshealth and Dependence and Reprohealth and Gender.

For more information on this initiative, partners and planned activities, please contact Cláudia Castro Dias through the email